Change the name of your new Azure subscription

​​This is not a straight forward thing, even do you would think so.

1. ​Open browser, enter the following:

  1. ​Sign inn with your Azure Subscription Owner ID
  2. Press the Subscription you want to change the name of
  3. On the right hand side, “Edit Subscription details”
    1. azure_rename_subscription_2.PNG
    2. Enter the new name bellow “ SUBSCRIPTION NAME”

Name is now changed, but you need to give access to the subscription, so that you can use it in your environment.​

2. Still in the view

  1. ​​Press the Portal icon upper right
  2. Find the subscriptions icon on the left side menu
  3. Press the subscription you want to give access to
  4. Press the MSN icon, so you can choose Users
  5. Press Add
  6. Choose the access level you want to delegate, and find the user.

Now you can utilize the new subscription in your Azure portal